Thank you all.

Hello all visitors, friends and followers,

I am happy to let you know that we have our own place at live domain:

Sorry for the inconvenience, i am just moved to this domain. This site is working fine.

I will post articles on the live site now onwards.  So please stay tuned on this site.

Thank you all,
Paresh N. Mayani


About Paresh Mayani
Paresh Mayani is a lead android developer in India. He holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from Gujarat University. Currently he is Sr. Software engineer in one of the reputed MNC of India. He has been developing android apps since very 1st version i.e. Android 1.5, he says he has seen days and nights of Android history. In day job, he plays role in every levels of Android app development including requirement understanding, wireframe/mock up design, programming and up to the deploying stage which is uploading android app on the play store. His passion for Google Technologies brought him to lead Google Developers Group Ahmedabad, India. DZone has recognized Paresh as a Most Valuable Blogger. He is very active in supporting Android developers community in India and worldwide be it through this blog or through StackOverflow. With the passion of sharing, he manages Android workshops in various engineering colleges/universities of India and also delivers Android talks in many Android events.

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